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For singles traveling here or even those in a relationship but looking, Belize offers the chance of truly exotic adventure and variety.

It's Just Lunch is the world’s Number 1 personalized dating service.

The biggest nightclub on Ambergris Caye is Jaguars.

The Baths Tasting the bubbly mineral springs may not be for everyone.

Benefits: this “iron water” strengthens the stomach and increases red blood cell count. Deer Park Spring Also known as “the Deer Spring” and marked by an ornate green and white cast iron monument, this spring dispenses water from a vein of the Congress Spring. Hathorn #1 On the northeast corner of Putnam and Spring Street is the Hathorn Spring, a moderately mineralized water.

The elaborate pavilion, benches and landscaping are recent additions to this valuable natural resource.

Belize City offers the largest number of nightclubs and some of the best are The Princess (now Camino Real for the second time as of May 2016), The Tropicana, Club Liquid, and Palm Island.

These fancy names may not necessarily coincide with say, the Tropicana in Cuba.

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