K9 chating

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08/16/2016 I have a fat wife, I make her do things that she doesn't like sexually and will continue making her do various things.She has the option of losing weight and getting back to the hottie she used to be, but until then she must continue to do anything I want whether she enjoys it or not, or leave me.I was a little bit of a slut from about 13 to 15 fucking 24 different boys. I have only been with him and three of his friends, at his urging since I met him.He was taking pictures and video of us having sex, in all ways, oral, regular, anal, and some of me and his friends.

I've got so many pictures of her doing sexual shit and posing naked, even with 3 other guys making her airtight, all with a smile on her face. I love humiliating her, and deep down she goes along with it. 07/16/2016 I am 18 female, with a nice looking face, and very nice body.I've made her invite over a co-worker who is lesbian, and they had sex.Then I came inside her after the other girl had left.I was having a hard time getting comfortable and kept rolling over from side to side until I finally just got on my back and laid there that way. I felt something next to me, opened my eyes, it was my dog trying to cuddle up beside me, or that’s what I thought. He had his face by my thighs and the rest of his body down the rest of the way down my legs, he laid his face across my legs and I dozed back off.As I was asleep I could feel my dog breathing on my leg, actually, between my legs because his face was situated on top of my leg, it was kind of weird, but felt good at the same time.

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