Kevin macrae dating profile dating a divorced dad

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I can't tell you exactly when Jono and I became friends, because it is generally one giant blur from high school up to this point in our lives. But what I can tell you is that I knew I had a best friend for life by his reaction when I told him that I planned on proposing to my wife to be. Well now I get to FINALLY repay the favour and could not be more excited to stand next to him as his best man on the most important day of his life. Jonathan and Natalie are going to rock this adventure together and I am sure all of you are looking forward to helping them kick start this new page of their story together as much as I am.

The bromance was more forced in the beginning with me having this freakishly tall kid stuck behind me in registration class at Glenwood.

My friends, slightly shocked that I had even pointed someone out, jumped straight off the speakers and promptly took me to dance behind him.

So we started dancing behind him, with a few hip wiggles in his direction, but he took no notice.

Jono and I have somewhat differing memories of how we first met..I'm going to set the record straight!

We met almost 13 years ago while out at good old 54, yes I was underage but who's counting?!

This was not by choice by more alphabetical order of our surname.

So after many years of cricket and other sports played together as well as school classes we met up again at Joe Kools after leaving school. The classic 54 nightclub also played a big part in our lives with both of us meeting our future wives there.

Next thing I know, we're dancing together and out of nowhere he kisses me.So I pointed out a really tall, very good-looking guy with a mohawk (who didn't love a bad boy at 17).He was wearing a white shirt and my eyes kept going back to him.From the day Nattie was born she has been my best friend and the best sister I could ever ask for.The memories we have made together are some of my best, even if I have to remind her of some of them.

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