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About chat moderators: Moderators who give health information are professionals at Boston Children’s Hospital and are identified during chats with a professional title, i.e. Please note that any chat participant who is not identified in this way should not be considered as a medical professional.All chat participants must endeavor to disseminate only information that is true and accurate and provide valid sources for any medical or health information. If you’re interested in attending a teen or parent chat, please fill out the form below as completely as possible. If you are a parent/guardian and are signing up to join the MRKH Parent chat list, please enter your daughter’s date of birth and symptoms.Share medical records, lab test reports, past prescriptions.\ Receive Health Tips: Get precious health tips and suggestions on a wide range of health issues from trusted doctors.Tips range from Ayurveda remedies to home remedies to clinical treatments to surgeries to diet plans to other fitness tips, etc.Get answers to your health queries from qualified doctors within few minutes.\ Book Appointments with Doctors: Find and book an appointment online with doctors.Find doctors online in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, and other major cities of India.\ Consult Doctors Online: You can also consult doctors online privately in detail via text chat or audio/video call and get prescriptions if the doctor thinks it’s necessary.Thank you Dr Safe Hands Deepali (name changed) New Delhi 1 year back I had sex with a girl, whom I did not know much. Thank you Greesh, Bangalore I have no words to express my gratitude for the kind reply which cleared all our apprehensions. It would be my pleasure to refer people to your clinical facilities or otherwise, so that these platforms remain here forever, rather than quacks exploiting those in need. After that experience, I started getting rash near my private parts. But due to fear I could not discuss this with anybody. When I booked tests on Dr Safe Hands I got a detailed consultation on phone.

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Doctors on Lybrate have answered millions of questions and attended to hundreds of thousands of patient appointments to help with the following problems:\ Skin Care, Pimples, Acne or Rashes on Skin\ Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Safe Sex, Irregular Periods\ Mental Health, Stress, Anxiety, Depression\ Stress, Headache, Migraine, Sinus Allergy\ Pregnancy Symptoms, Breastfeeding, Childcare, Parenting, Period Trackers, My Periods\ Diabetes, Hypertension, Heartburn, Fitness\ Child Obesity, Thyroid Problem, Lose Weight, Baby Calendar\ Back Pain, Injury, Arthritis or General Question\ Cold, Cough, Swine Flu, Viral Fever, Dengue, Acidity Lybrate is also available on the web for you to consult doctors online or book an appointment with them: https:// love to hear from you.

On the form we ask you for some personal medical information.

We take your privacy very seriously, and will only use this information to find out if you are eligible for the chats.

The chats are safe places for teens and young women (and parents of teens with MRKH) who share a common condition to ask questions, discuss concerns, and offer each other support.

Our PCOS and Endometriosis chats are open to young women ages 13-22. The health professionals who moderate the chats will not be able to give you specific medical advice, but will be able to provide you with general information and resources.

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