Mae west dating quotes

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For if you can identify with it, imagine yourself saying it, and in fact look forward to having a chance to say it to someone one day, you are, almost certainly, Sassy.throw sassy like confetti because not all women are made of blood and flesh some are made of sparkle, be yourself and remember you don’t need to be ashamed of anything it is your parent’s job, …

Maybe you’re wondering if you’re sassy or something else.Being older doesn’t make much of a difference to matters of the heart.This is proof that there’s no time limit on dating — it doesn’t matter if you’re on your second or third round of searching for “the one,” everyone deserves the chance to feel that love from their perfect match.No matter what time of life you’re in, looking for love and romance can be a difficult task.Meeting someone new can bring back all those nervous jitters you used to get as a teen when you’d see your crush in the hallways.

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