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Not only do they say that they have consulted only three men over their article but they also contradict themselves with regard to other articles they’ve published on aish.com, thus misleading vulnerable young women seeking advice.

I’d like to lay bare their misogyny and ask in what way it applies to young Jewish people looking to date.

Rosie Einhorn and Sherri Zimmerman are speaking to an audience wider than my circle of independent thinking friends and we should be worried that is posting their outrageous views.

I wouldn’t try to argue with my date, tell her she’s wrong, or get into a debate intended to end with one of us being the winner and the other the loser.

You clicked right away with the new guy you’re dating.

Whilst I’m confident in my own identity as a Jewish woman, and confident that the manner in which I present myself isn’t a ‘turn off’ I know that there are people who take a lot of what says seriously.

But he has had his advertising barred from the Australian Naturist Magazine TAN after complaints. "There were two complaints my place is too sexualised." TAN editor Stuart Whelan confirmed Mr Mueckenberger's business was no longer allowed to advertise.

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"The husband and wife go to work, the kids are at school and it is about making money, money," he said.

It’s fine to know that she’s a lawyer or a stock broker or a physical therapist, but she should save the rest for Linked In.

I’m looking for a wife, not a business associate.”4.

“If a man doesn’t feel attracted to a woman within the first few dates, he’s probably going to lose interest.

A response to aish.com’s “Five Ways to Turn Off a Guy” (an article which has since been deleted due to its controversy, the text, however has been shared and is posted below).

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