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How Bo G’s weak supervision resulted in Capital, UT Banks’ collapse It has emerged that the Bank of Ghana failed to enforce its regulations in granting licenses and supervising the operations of two local banks, UT and Capital Bank.The report, available to indicated that the Bank of Ghana was complicit in the wrongful issuance of banking license to Capital Bank.Robin Thicke and pregnant girlfriend April Love Geary celebrated at a "perfect" baby shower.The singer last released the single "One Shot" featuring Juicy J in 2016.Once you whitelisted our website, you will stream yourself instantly to other people. Godfred Bokpin has said that, the Bank of Ghana (Bo G) is to blame for the woes of banks in the country.In fact, the Capital Bank management began to refer to it as ‘re-engineered capital.’ This was brought to the attention of Bo G, but again, there is no evidence of sanctions to either the institutions concerned or the individuals in senior management and on the Board of Directors.” Capital Bank’s CEO signature allegedly forged to divert funds – Report There may be an instance of fraud in the suspected misuse of liquidity support given Capital Bank by the Bank of Ghana (Bo G), according to an investigative report sighted by Citi News.

There is enough admission in their own statement about the lapses that were orchestrated from the central bank of point of view and therefore they can not to say or portray that they are innocent in this matter”. Bokpin who is also the Head of the Finance Department at the University of Ghana Business School revealed that given the magnitude of the transactions and the interrelated parties involved in the deals, it would have been strange for the central bank to say it knew nothing about it.“So the honourable thing to do which I think they have done, is to admit that they were complicit somewhere along the line.The Central bank is to be blamed also”, he intimated.He then premiered the song titled "Get Her Back", written about her, at the 2014's Billboard Music Awards, and a month later, he announced that the title of his seventh album would be Paula, after the actress.This isn't to say that I don't watch some television shows over the internet.

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