My ex wife dating someone else

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Who cares if they realise you’ve done this – your focus needs to be on doing what’s good for you, remember, not on how that might affect them.

One of the hardest things about break-ups is how they can divide a friendship group.

Plus, it’s going to put your friends in a really awkward situation, and you really don’t need any more difficult dynamics right now.

I would suggest you give yourself a bit of space from your mutual friends – just for the time being so that you can process all of this stuff without involving anyone too heavily linked to your ex.

I know it’s painful but it’s not your ex’s job to soothe your pain anymore.

The only person who needs to know how hurt you feel is you.

Below is a list of five things I committed to NOT doing after I found out my ex was in a new relationship.

I think the reason we all fall into this trap is that it gives us a weird sense of power to know exactly who this new person is, and how you match up in comparison.

You’re the only one who has the power to heal this pain (with the support and love of your good friends and family).

Now, I absolutely do advocate expressing your feelings towards your ex in order to get them out of you – but do it in an email that you DO NOT SEND.

This one’s a daily battle for us at the best of times but stalking online MUST be avoided at all costs – it really is that damaging.

Social media has become the world’s most socially accepted addiction these days, and as a result, it has some nasty consequences (especially if you’re using it to stalk your ex and their new beau).

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