Namastea dating

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London projects include The Shard, King’s Cross, BBC Television Centre, Bloomberg, One Hyde Park, Earl’s Court and Tate Modern.For some people, “sacred sexuality” is an oxymoron, an inherent contradiction in terms.It is telling that my computer’s thesaurus lists “spiritual” as the antonym of “sensual.” Anything associated with the physical, including the Earth, became inferior, something to be conquered, subjugated and controlled. And to most indigenous and shamanic traditions everything is sacred, including trees, rocks, animals, clouds… How do we then begin to bridge the artificial split between sexuality and spirituality?How do we begin to bring the sacred into the bedroom?This entails cultivating our own garden of beliefs, plucking weeds of conditioning and culturally ingrained sex-negativity as we plant new seeds such as: “Becoming a better lover is a spiritual thing.” The Greek word for temple is temenos: something that contains within it the divine presence.When we treat our bodies as temples of the divine, with the reverence they deserve, we watch what we put into them and the situations in which we place them.For at that moment there is a collapse of the ego boundaries that keep us apart; we dissolve into ourselves and each other in an exquisite state of timelessness, feeling at one with each other and with everything. This regrettable, tragic situation has not always been the case.

Namaste is a radical concept, one of those handful of spiritual principles that, if we actually embodied and put them into practice, our lives and our world would change immediately.

Based in Paddington in central London, the studio includes architects, artists and photographers, and is 100 percent employee owned.

The team is highly experienced in helping clients to win planning permission, gain press coverage and market high-end commercial and residential property.

Christian also practices as spiritual coach and a leadership development consultant whose work ranges from individuals and couples in private practice to major corporate engagements and non-profit groups.

Retreats, workshops and other events led by Christian are known for their life-changing effectiveness and for their inspiring and transformative exploration of our human potential.

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