Navan dating

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She said when he arrived she told him that they couldn't have sex because he had no condom.

She told the jury that she and Sherlock started kissing and touching in the bedroom, but then she started to feel strange when the activity escalated to oral sex on her bed.

She said she hadn't wanted to perform oral sex with him while on her bed, but she let it happen.

She told Mr Devally that the man refused her request to come to a GP for the morning-after pill, saying he had no money.

He described how she “seemed quite into it and quite happy” and that he had stopped when she asked him not to use his fingers on her.

He told Mr O'Carroll that he did not think he was ever having sex with her without her consent.

She told Conor Devally SC, prosecuting, that Sherlock then messaged her after the other man had left.

"We enforce strict verification processes, continual moderation across the app and take a zero tolerance approach to negative behaviour.He told Mr O'Carroll that he received a text from her about bringing a condom while he was driving to her house but he told her he didn't have one when he arrived.He said she “seemed disappointed” about this but there was “no negative response” from her when they began sexual activity.She said she then rang her friend who advised her to contact gardaí.She agreed with Blaise O'Carroll SC, defending, that she did not have a packet of condoms at her house but had arranged to meet his client earlier that night.

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