Nonsedating muscle relaxant

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In addition, allergy related activity impairment is reduced resulting in improved physical and mental performance.

Second generation antihistamines reduce proinflammatory effects mediated by H1-receptors, however, drug concentrations necessary for mast cell stabilization as observed in vitro are not reached in vivo.

On days 0, 28, and 56, six volunteers had skin tests hourly for 12 hours after the morning terfenadine dose.

On all study days, serum terfenadine metabolite I concentrations were measured each time histamine skin tests were performed.

The level of impairment varies from patient to patient, between different medications within the same therapeutic class, and in combination with other medications or alcohol.

In general, any drug with a prominent central nervous system (CNS) effect has the potential to impair an individual’s ability to operate a motor vehicle.

He/she should also recommend that the patient take the first few doses in a safe environment to determine the presence and extent of any side effects, and that he/she temporarily cease driving as needed until the body has adjusted to the medication.Oral second generation antihistamines inhibit histamine dependent activation of nasal H1-receptors.They mainly reduce nasal itch, sneezing, and hypersecretion. If the physician must prescribe or change the dosage of a medication that can potentially impair driving performance, he/she should counsel the patient regarding the side effects. Whenever possible, the physician should prescribe non-impairing medications.

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