Novell patchlink licenses not updating

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In fact there's more enough Linux support to keep even the most ardent fan happy.

It's a dream to install, with plenty of well-crafted documentation to help you along should you get stuck.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to upgrade now, you may use our licensing patch to update only the licensing code on an existing Access Server.

The patch is designed so it can be applied live without shutting down or cold restarting the Access Server service, so VPN clients don't need to be disconnected, and it is compatible with Access Server 1.8.3 and above.

And though there are a whopping twelve discs in the box, the modular arrangement of the different functions means you can pick and choose which features to install and don't have to install everything at once.

But Zenworks keeps this chore to a minimum of hassle by incorporating Patchlink's excellent patch management software. In our tests we managed to get really accurate details of the Linux servers on our test network as well as a couple of Windows server boxes of various ages.

From the web-based reports we could quite easily see which systems needed updating, which would be of great benefit to over-worked IT administrators desperate save precious time.

As you might expect the suite supports both Microsoft's Active Directory and Novell's e Directory.

The product doesn't require you to install the Novell Windows client, but if you do install it, it does let you take greater advantage of the suite's backup and remote control facilities.

That said, it wasn't too difficult to install the client software, Despite the hard time Novell has had over the past few years, Zenworks proves that it still has what it takes.

This package consists of a whole plethora of management goodies covering just about everything from servers and desktops right down to laptops and handheld devices.

The latest iteration of the product boasts improved hardware and software inventory control, system imaging, remote control and automated policy management.

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