Outlook hotmail inbox not updating

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Apparently, this setting might be altered by a Windows security update and will end up hindering the auto synchronization feature of Windows Mail.The transition from Hotmail to Outlook hasn’t been without problems, in fact there’s been a few outages with users reporting Hotmail or Outlook has gone down throughout this year at different times.Other users are reporting encountering this problem with certain email providers.If you are struggling with the same issue, the methods below will most likely help you fix the automatic synchronization of Windows Mail.

Also, leave details about problems you have or if the email service is down today for you.Amongst others, the update makes sure that IMAP accounts will not repeatedly completely resynch folders, will not create duplicates of default folders, will more reliably map the special server folders and make it less likely that folders will get marked as “This computer only”.However, it is now also more important than ever to correctly set the Root Folder Path for your mailbox when your IMAP server requires it.For instance, the Inbox folder stays empty with the message “We didn’t find anything to show here”. In other folders, some e-mails can’t be moved or deleted or changes I make in Outlook do not sync to the server.Sometimes my move action is followed with the error:“Cannot copy the items.

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