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He grew up in Florida in a troubled family--his father committed suicide and his mother remarried, but she later died of alcohol poisoning.

He turned to music, learning to play the piano as a kid, and he started bands, including a folk outfit called the Shilos.

By: Alex Ashlock Gram Parsons was another casualty of the hard rocking days of the 1960s and 70s, but in his brief lifetime he was a hugely influential musician.

He's called by some the "father of country rock." Parsons mixed blues, folk and rock to create what he called "cosmic American music," playing with The Byrds and the Flying Burrito Brothers, influencing the Rolling Stones.

She then gained A-Levels in Art, Drama and Dance and a Diploma in Performing Arts at Elmhurst School for Dance, Camberley.

Parsons co-presented Fun Song Factory as Paige with Laura Hamilton.

Gram Parsons' Work With Emmylou Harris If he hadn't done anything else, Gram Parsons would be remembered for his incredible work with a young Emmylou Harris on the two solo albums he recorded before he died, "GP" and "Return of The Grievous Angel.""She just kept getting better and better the more I looked at her. She can sing anything that you're doing in perfect harmony as long as you look at her...It was around this time that Gram Parsons found another soulmate in Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones.They bonded over their mutual love of music and unfortunately drugs."He's one of the rare artists you can hear his spirit and his sadness in his music.It's so incredibly timeless it never ceases to move his fans in the same exact way as it did the second they heard him."The Early Life Of Gram Parsons Gram Parsons was born in 1946.

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