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The first is simply insulting, the second is offensive, and had my father ever done it, I would have been much less likely to share that part of my life with him (because even as a joke, who wants to be made fun of??

)I'm planning on cleaning chicken blood off of a mace.

" I just about choked to death, then said, "Well, would you prefer a lie or the truth? If you'd said no I was gonna ask what the hell's wrong with her!

"I think it was the best thing he could've done.

It caught both me and my wife off guard and embarrassed her a little, but after that there was never any awkwardness between us.

We've gotten along great ever since and laugh about it whenever it comes up.

it has me thinking about when you’ll get married too.

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And wants it to be a huge focus in your married life.

TL; DR: Ask him if he's fucking your daughter, get all the awkward out at once.

Do you have some social awkwardness or inability communicating with people?

Before I get started with this list, I need to say something. It’s not that we’re trying to scare off potential marriage material (though your father might disagree …

he’s been trying to scare guys off for a long time).

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