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She defines her musical style as "ghetto-techno, Latin-dance, hip-hop, rave music," — probably not what most people imagine when they think of a Dominican artist. Beyond music, the self-described 's personal style and message shatter predominant images of Latinas.

Her fashion style is more "banjee girl, neo-rave, and tribal" than Jenny from the block, while songs like "Vernáculo" offer a critical message about the beauty industry.

A poet-turned-rapper, Nitty's rhymes — about mental health, sexual abuse, and women empowerment — are poetry-driven, what she calls "conscious storytelling." The half-Puerto Rican, half-African-American Brooklyn emcee's strongest musical influences include artists like Mos Def, Stevie Nicks, and Sam Cooke.

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Pointing to Big Pun, Lauryn Hill, El General, and Celia Cruz as some of her major musical influences, Snow sees her style of rap as dyadic, ranging from party tracks to angry freestyles.

Listen to her mixtape: Cuban rapper Danay Suárez has performed with hip-hop pioneers Public Enemy before an audience of more than 100,000 people, many of them singing her songs.

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