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I also learned that through the Queen of Sheba’s visit to Jerusalem, Ethiopians claim their royal line descends directly from King Solomon and hence King David (this has huge ramifications for the origins of the Rastafari movement but more on that later).Nevertheless, like millions I am familiar with and love the music of Bob Marley, even from a distance.Being in Addis Ababa and seeing his imposing statue in the capital at the centre of a major intersection which bears his name, hearing of his visit to Ethiopia in 1978 and seeing his welcome sign on the town limits to Shashamane, I got a much more visceral insight into what “Bob” means to millions of people, not just in Ethiopia but all over the world.On the very day I flew into the capital, Addis Ababa, we walked to the local park, where we witnessed the vibrant ceremony of a Christian man marrying a Muslim bride.Both families were singing and dancing together in a great and uplifting spectacle.

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