Recycle bin not updating

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More specifically, does creating/updating/deleting files in App_Data cause a pool recycle?

If someone could provide a detailed list of what causes a recycle, that would be great.

And don’t delete or change anything other than the items mentioned in these steps. Windows 10 comes with a handy feature that allows you to restore your computer to its last restore point.

It is like a second chance for you to recover a deleted file if you choose to change your mind about restoring it to your hard disk.

When you are done, reboot your PC and then try again to access your Recycle Bin.

Following the steps below to reinstall Windows Recycle Bin: These steps above will reveal some essential and new files and folders in the File Explorer.

Don’t worry, both of them are free to use, and they come with a high recommendation by many experts. And if this method doesn’t work for you, proceed to the next solution.

Note that Microsoft recommends that you should always download the latest version of its recommended softwares before you run them.

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