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I was reminded of this recently when a colleague of mine opened his lunch bag and accidentally dropped a note from his wife on the break room floor.

It was a rare opportunity to make the colleague blush with embarrassment.

And because of its power to lock on to one other person, it naturally finds a home in the magic of early attraction between singles, leading to a dating relationship, which carries at least some potential for a marriage covenant.

To flirt is to tantalize another with your attention and tease with future possibility. Long after the wedding day, flirting maintains a healthy sense of play between a couple.

This force has been in play at least since Isaac and Rebekah were caught “laughing” together (Genesis 26:8), a type of “laughing” that was of course far beyond simple spicy talk (ahem). If we rewind all the way back to the beginning of time, perhaps the first human interaction began with an awkward silence, a head-to-toe curiosity of the other, and then a flirtatious moment between Adam and Eve?

On social media, perhaps flirtations begin with studying a woman’s picture.

It’s a beautiful example of flirtatious play within marriage.

Sadly, the beauty of flirtatious play in marriage contrasts the ugliness of selfish flirting among those who are not sexually available.

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