Richard holbrooke and kati marton dating

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“You can divide New York into two crowds,” said a journalist who knows them, “people who like Dick, or think they have to, and people who don’t. Holbrooke has often been described as brilliant but self-aggrandizing, a bombastic careerist and unctuous climber, characterizations of Ms.

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He earned one of his nicknames, “The Bulldozer,” for his habit of plowing through bureaucratic timidity and red tape.But now, especially in the wake of his perceived successes in Bosnia, the bluster is being enlisted to deal with the controversy swirling around the .1 billion in U. membership dues currently in arrears from the United States.“He knows what he wants and how to pursue it, relentlessly, one might say–his tenacity wears people down,” said Fareed Zakaria, the managing editor of Foreign Affairs .While Bruce Wasserstein is hosting his ,000-per-couple fund-raising dinner on Friday, July 31, and Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger host their blow-out “Summer Lawn Party” the next night to raise funds for the Democratic National Committee, Mr. Marton, author and human rights activist, will be lying low at their home in Bridgehampton, L. Holbrooke got his appointment from President Clinton in June and continued to jump around Europe. Marton went to Telluride, Colo., with her son, then joined her daughter on the European trip she’d given her for graduation from the Nightingale-Bamford School, then flew to Turkey, where, as designated representative of Human Rights Watch she had arranged to visit newly jailed dissident writer Ragib Duran and attempted to intercede with the Government on his behalf.“Calling from Ankara,” she said in one hurried message. residence where they will entertain may well transfer from the Waldorf Towers, leased for that purpose since 1947, to a larger place.

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