Rihanna dating kanye west

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The awkward moment didn't escape the attention of the Twittersphere, with users writing: "kim saw the way kanye was looking at rihanna and had to end that snap REAL quick 😭😭."see how fast Kim stoppped snapchatting when she caught Kanye eying up rihanna 😂😂.

But this series I really struggled.” Teasing drama to come, she added: “Kourtney was driving me crazy.” Kim also backtracked on her recent comment that she would consider a move into politics after visiting Donald Trump in the White House to appeal for his help in freeing first-time drug offender Alice Johnson from jail.Working together breeds much more success than doing things alone, and for Kanye, working professionally together is typical in his relationships.This article is a tell-all of every woman Kanye West has dated, been connected with, or been rumored with since before Kanye became king.Kim gives him a knowing smile, puts her phone away and turns back to the stage.The reality star is no slouch herself when it comes to looking sexy and seductive herself.

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