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There is ample reason to believe that the confrontation Washington has provoked with North Korea, through its demand that Pyongyang give up its nuclear weapons program, is a massive rehearsal for a future nuclear stand-off with China.

The opines that “a war to stop Iran acquiring nuclear weapons seems a more speculative prospect for now, but could become more likely a few years hence.” It asserts that the US is threatened by the so-called “grey zone” in which China, Russia, Iran and other countries are seeking to “exploit” American “vulnerabilities” in parts of the world without provoking an open conflict.

It gives as examples Chinese territorial claims in the South China Sea, Russia’s annexation of Crimea and Iran’s political influence in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

It has B-2 and B-52 nuclear-capable bombers forward deployed at Guam, and hundreds of jet fighters and an armada of warships in other Pacific bases.

Discussions are underway in ruling circles in Germany, Japan and even Australia on acquiring nuclear weapons so they can resist the nuclear-armed states.

The madness of a nuclear arms race in the 21st century arises inexorably from the contradictions of the capitalist system.

It started with using tax incentives to ensure left-leaning, anti-war and free speech, civil liberty, human rights websites and blogs were censored by the global tech giants.

Then, more legislation arrives, usually in the guise of ‘national security.’ Of course, a bogey man is required to blame and as the governments own track record on curtailing home grown terrorists is not so good, we’ve gone back to that good old reliable foe from the Cold War, you know, that country that has not once attacked Britain – Red Russia.

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