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A: You can refer the change document tables cdpos and cdhdr.You can also refer Transaction ME53 under menu path goto-statistics-changes, where the complete audit trails of changes, including deletion are stored.Can I have a Level Cond Ty Description From To 100 PB00 Gross Price 200 RA01 Discount % on Gross 300 ZMUP Mark Up (value) 400 Base Value for Tax 100 300 500 ZDIS Disc.Excluded Tax 600 Net Amount 700 MST Tax 400 400 800 Net Amount A: 1.However PO can not be created automatically after MRP run. In the last column in the details screen of the source list check the field relevant for MRP set the correct parameters for running MRP.Is there a provision in SAP to release Purchase Orders automatically Tick the automatic PO and Source List fields in purchase view of the material master for the vendors on whom you would like to release PO automatically. But PO can not be created automatically after MRP run.You will have data on those days when there was a transaction. "B", "Material by bill of material" has a selection condition for field STLNR NE ' '.STLNR is the BOM number associated with a material in table MAST.

Set the flag in the source list for the scheduling agreement to "2" enabling MRP to kick out delivery schedules for future requirements.

Routing operations are also chosen depending upon which BOM components are assigned to them.

A1: If you have maintained source list requirement in OME5 and have not maintained the source list for the material , Po can not be released.

Typically configurable material is used in Made To Order (MTO) environment.

However frequently ordered configurations may be planned with a material variant which needs to have a material master record. Depending upon characteristic values chosen at sales order entry Sales Order BOM is created.

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