Sccm dynamic collection not updating

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In this post we will be looking at using SCCM dynamic queries to populate collections in our deployments.

As a SCCM administrator, you most likely had to plan out mass deployments to all your servers or workstations or even both.

As the count goes down, you know which machines received it successfully and which didn’t.

In most environment, SCCM client approval method is set to Automatically approve computers in trusted domains. He developed a strong knowledge of SCCM and MDT to build automated OS deployment solution for clients, managed large and complexe environment, including Point of Sale (POS) related projects.

I personally like when things are a little more dynamic. As the workstations install the software and return a success code to their management point, this query will rerun itself and should yield less and less objects. But to be optimal, you need to use Package deployments and not applications. Simply because packages have the ability to have a custom schedule where you can repeat a schedule and set a rerun behavior whereas the Applications don’t have that possibility.

Understanding WQL can be a challenge if you never played around with it.

To understand it, let’s break it down in two parts. As you can see in the screenshot below, my count went down by two since I already had successfully deployed it to half my test machines.

Unless you have set a recurring schedule, it will not rerun.

By having a dynamic collection like we did above, combined to a recurring schedule, you can reattempt the installation on all workstations that failed the installation without starting the process for nothing on a workstation that succeeded to install it.

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