Senior girl dating a freshman guy college

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Plus, they're at two entirely different stages in life.One is almost an adult (if he isn't already), and one is just starting high school.A 17 year old is at a different place developmentally than a 14 year old.They've experienced a lot of things that 14 year old hasn't yet. They're almost done with high school, where the freshman is just starting out.The issue isn't the physical age gap but the mental age gap. Generally, there are vast differences in the mental states of people at those ages.A high school freshman is generally way different from a high school senior. The mental gap between a fifteen and seventeen-year-old is vastly different than that of a twenty-two and twenty-four-year-old.We had a rule that she could only date 2 years older, then she met a boy 4 years older than her (she a sophomore, he a college freshman) and they dated for over 2 years. My rules didn't necessarily translate into real life. Those were her life lessons, not worth the turmoil it would have caused to fight over it.And to be honest, in those relationships with older boys she held all the power.

What do u think a baloney head 18 yr old thinks, when theres no authority behind the girl...Our daughter started dating her 17-year-old boyfriend a few days before her 15th birthday. He is now 25 and it no longer seems like a huge difference in age.Last week she turned 22 and got word that she was admitted to med school--her best birthday present of all. If we had arbitrarily kept them apart because of the age difference, she may have had more experience in dating, but we cannot imagine them being any happier.She was 15 as a freshman her boyfriend was 16 turning 17 a couple days after she turned 16 he was a senior. You never know if someone was held back, someone started early etc etc..We had a rule about when our daughter could start dating, not until she got to high school.

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