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How I yearned to snuggle up to my husband and revive the passion of the days before our parenthood, too often any intimacy between us was interrupted by the children or the phone.

If I did not get up they would be jumping all over us and the least I could do was give Brian a sleep in.

His hands worked their way down and he found my wetness, the magazine fell to the floor as he turned me towards him, at last I thought, he really wants me, but please keep teasing more and for longer. After fixing breakfast for the children and allowing the T. to be turned on, I thought he must be awake by now, so with a cup of tea in hand I opened the door to our bedroom.At the same time the slap of a closing magazine, the arm quickly flying from beneath the doona and that very guilty look made my heart sink.As the day progressed I planned my strategy for our “ talk” 'Alright we need to talk.' 'Yes dear, I'm really sorry it won't happen again, I promise, never.. ' 'What do you want me to say I gulped trying not to loose my composure. I just lay back and thought of England you know while you were fucking me to your hearts content.' 'Well words to that effect would be nice.' He pouted angrily. I'll get rid of them tomorrow.' 'Tonight….' 'Fine, absolutely, tonight.' 'I meant tonight I want you to show me the mags and explain to me what it is you see in them.' 'Ah ..

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