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It appears that the first humans in the area that would become Maryland arrived around the tenth millennium BC, about the time that the last ice age ended.

They ate what they could kill, grow or catch in the rivers and other waterways.When Europeans began to settle in Maryland in the early 17th century, the main tribes included the Nanticoke on the Eastern Shore, and the Iroquoian speaking Susquehannock.Early exposure to new European diseases brought widespread fatalities to the Native Americans, as they had no immunity to them. Furthermore, The Susquehannock, already incorrectly considered savages and cannibals by the first Spanish explorers, made massive moves to control local trade with the first Swedish, Dutch and English settlers of the Chesapeake Bay region.They were extinct as a people by the end of the 17th century, however.The following Piscataway tribes lived on the eastern bank of the Potomac, from south to north: Yaocomicoes, Chopticans, Nanjemoys, Potopacs, Mattawomans, Piscataways, Patuxents, and Nacotchtanks.

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