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Last Friday, this spectacular culture clash saw 600 families in a school of 740 keep their kids at home in protest, with many parents threatening to remove them entirely if the programme isn’t ditched.It all began in December, when reception-age children started coming home saying a teacher had told them “it was ok to be gay, and ok to switch gender”.Just ask yourself what the response would be to an offer from the NRA to go into the schools and subject the kids to an intensive course in gun safety! Liberal teachers and parents would observe, correctly, that the very act of getting kids to think about guns and how to use them safely has the effect of normalizing and encouraging gun use. It shouldn’t take more than one week of hourly lessons to teach kids the basic facts of where babies come from and where diseases come from.Our tongue-tied response to leftist education is largely a product of being intimidated by the educators’ pretense to speak with the authority of science when laying down leftist prescriptions.Excerpts from a Nothing about this standoff is straightforward.

The Parkfield controversy is another example of a hard truth that religiously and socially conservative Americans have to learn: Christians, Jews, and Muslims had better show solidarity on these controversies, and get out into the street to support each other when they arise.

2/2 — Ismail Royer (@Ismail Royer) March 11, 2019Apart from denying parents the right to determine what views on the moral aspect of sex their children will be taught, sex education is inherently pro-sex.

Everyone who favors intensive sex education also favors sexual permissivism.

” It isn’t just the Muslim community who have come out to protest. Turn the volume down.”Shah claimed her children were becoming “confused” about homosexuality and that the local community’s concerns were not being taken on board.

Dr Lisa Nolland, a Christian campaigner and sex historian, has travelled from Bristol to offer her support, congratulating them for “showing us the way”. She said: “We have nothing against Mr Moffat – we are as British as they come. but the problem is, he is not respecting our ethos as a community.

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