Silverlight dependency property not updating

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So, here is a link (to my skydrive) that you can download and update your code snippets: Dependency Property Snippets Update 11/28: Laurent has pointed out that the code snippets using UIProperty Metadata are for WPF. "propa" and "propdp" have been reverted to their original snippet form.I've added two snippets "slpropa" and "slpropdp" for use within silverlight. Hi Jeff, Actually, the propa and propdp snippets are not for Silverlight, but for WPF.A class that inherits the dependency property through its class inheritance can override the original metadata so that the characteristics of the property that can be altered through metadata will match any subclass-specific requirements.Overriding metadata on a dependency property must be done prior to that property being placed in use by the property system (this equates to the time that specific instances of objects that register the property are instantiated).Calls to Override Metadata must be performed within the static constructors of the type that provides itself as the parameter of Override Metadata.If you attempt to change metadata once instances of the owner type exist, this will not raise exceptions, but will result in inconsistent behaviors in the property system.The relay object contains a public event which raises when the value changes.I’ve put the implementation details into a It is not possible to listen for dependency property values which are inherited like the Font Size, Data Context and Font Family properties so far.

This includes the dependency properties that are part of the WPF API.I am now making a User Control that is derived from a Template Control...The class "Toolbar" is a Templated Control and is the base for other toolbars.The class "Data Toolbar" is a User Control derived from "Toolbar", it adds some specific content to the base toolbar and adds a Dependency Property for a Map control...The dependency property system is a pretty nice concept.

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