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If this is present then a small green wire with a brass plug should be visible fitted into the lower clamping bolt of the motor case.The K7 variants had several major changes from earlier models.

The later 221K-7 white models used a printed badge which was glued into place.

A clip at the back left hand corner of the box was used to hold the tin of ‘Singer‘ lubricating oil.

The carry case for the white 221K-7 came in different colour combinations of two tone light blue base and dark turquoise blue lid to pale blue and white versions, making them look very smart but the writing was on the wall and production ceased in the late 60‘s.

This often caused damage to the machines themselves and was especially obvious with the white 221K-7 model.

This was also not helped by the fact that the power and foot controller on this model was wired in, not removable as with the black versions.

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