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My name is Matt Ludwig, and I will be your current FAQ writer of the day. 2) I love you so much I just wanna punch you in your face! Now I received this game from my parents for Christmas, and noticed there was only one FAQ.....one.

2) Everyone scares you, Erica 3) Use Item (Choose 2) Erica: That's not true! Or at least he didn't until his hand got that bizarre hook-wheel-pulley contraption in place of it.

=============================================================================== WALKTHROUGH =============================================================================== -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- BECKY'S STORY -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ------------- | The Arrival | ------------- --------------------------------------------------------------- | Description: You arrive at Snow Bird Moutain with your best friends- Brett, | | Erica, and Kiki.

| ------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- | Objective: Meet your friends.

For this awesome game, and that one FAQ was not enough to fit my need. 2) Does being your best friend mean I get to get it on with all your friends?

So I figured....hey, why don't I just write a FAQ for this game. Now Sprung is a unique game, pretty much the only American dating sim out right now, but it is not perverted at all, like you would think. Use Item | ----------------------------------------- Now when you start the game off you will see three options.

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