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His breathing seemed to have stopped, and there was only the shadows of the spears in his eyes.

“Prepare to welcome.” the head of the Liu Clan moved forwards and levitated into the air.

This was clearly protecting and interfering; a person of sage-level was involved in a conflict between the young, and with an obvious inclination to one side. More people’s attentions were directed to this side.

The man’s name was Yan Lu, who was also not a member of the Liu Clan, but was a sage of Cliff State City. Seeing that the other was looking back at him, he smiled and asked, “Your student? Yan Lu was a sage, and even though he was not a top contender at the Liu Clan, as a sage he was considered a very strong figure indeed.

Next to him Liu Shi and Liu Zixuan also followed suit, standing in the air to watch the arrival of the other party. The cultivators of the Ocean Palace holy land appeared like gods in the sky above the Liu Clan.

For a time, the pressure of authority shrouded the void, and many felt the need to kneel on the ground and worship.

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