Summer dating

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If you’re getting a bit more serious with your summer fling, the summer is perfect for getting to know your bae a little bit better with a weekend trip.

That can be a trip to the city for the weekend, an adventure to the nearest beach, or a quick flight somewhere nice- but weekend trips during the summer are an excellent opportunity to explore a new area and see what it’s like to spend a weekend with your significant other.

With tanned skin and a positive attitude, it’s a great time to take that leap of faith and start dating.

From creative book store dates to adventurous rock climbing hangs, we have all the best ideas on where you should take bae the next time you two decide to chill.

Check out this awesome ideas from Even if you've lived in your city or town since you were born, there are always new and surprising things to learn about your surroundings.

Make a flirty, fun go of running a race with your crush.

They will respect your drive and how you push them to do better. Nothing is more romantic than a fire, and just because it's summer doesn't mean that you can't still enjoy cuddling by a flickering fire.

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