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CBAR version 1.7 provides an additional type of information, business clearance information.

This, coupled with DCMA’s data, provides PCOs a picture of historical negotiations with the contractor as well as negotiation information for similar awards.

Applicants are strongly discouraged from submitting a list that includes copies of PTO/SB/08 or PTO-892 forms from other applications.

A completed PTO/SB/08 form from another application may already have initials of an examiner and the application number of another application. Furthermore, when the spaces provided on the form have initials of an examiner, there are no spaces available next to the documents listed for the examiner of the subsequent application to provide his or her initials, and the previously relevant initials may be erroneously construed as being applied for the current application. Requests for Continued Examination (RCE) Under 37 CFR 1.114 Information which has been considered by the Office in the application before the filing of a RCE will be part of the file before the examiner and need not be resubmitted to have the information considered by the examiner and listed on the patent. IDS That Has Been Considered (1) in the Parent Application, or (2) Prior to the Filing of a Request for Continued Examination1.

The form PTO/SB/08A and 08B will enable applicants to comply with the requirement to list each item of information being submitted and to provide the Office with a uniform listing of citations and with a ready way to indicate that the information has been considered.

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In addition, the following alternative electronic signature method may be used by examiners in information disclosure statements to indicate whether the information has been considered.For discussion of electronic processing of IDS, see MPEP § 609.08.Once the minimum requirements of 37 CFR 1.97 and 37 CFR 1.98 are met, the examiner has an obligation to consider the information.Further, the filing of an information disclosure statement shall not be construed to be an admission that the information cited in the statement is, or is considered to be, material to patentability as defined in 37 CFR 1.56(b). The requirements as to content are discussed in MPEP § 609.04(a).The requirements based on the time of filing the statement are discussed in MPEP § 609.04(b).

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