Updating firmware router

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This is a huge contrast to the much slower rollout used by eero. When click for "More Details" in the Android app (version jetstream-BV10144_RC0003), I just see a generic list of Help article. There is no link to a detailed description of the changes in this version. NOTE: The information below was provided by someone who works for Linksys in February 2017.In August 2017, I setup three new Google Wifi hockey pucks. See also How to automatically update the firmware of the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers.As for answering these questions, my experience with self-updating routers has been limited to Eero, the Turris Omnia and Google Wi-Fi.Someone from Linksys provided answers to these questions for their "Smart-Wifi" branded routers (model numbers starting with EA or WRT).Before you begin: If you have no connection, check to see ...Read More If you're having trouble connecting to the internet, try these tools and tips. If you have no connection, check to see if there is a service outage in your area before ...The general thinking is that a router that can update its own firmware is better than one that requires manual updating. There are many things that go wrong with a router that self-updates it firmware.One obvious danger is that the update breaks something.

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The company sent the wrong firmware and bricked the 0 locks. Many rate 'Not Petya' as the worst, most costly, cyberattack ever.Is newly downloaded firmware validated in any way, such as being digitally signed? A Trusted Platform Module (HW TPM) verifies signatures of the code.Q: Does the router support multiple installed firmwares?During that time, the firmware had been updated from version 9334.41.3 to 9460.40.5.Within a couple hours, the router self-updated to the new firmware.

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