Updating mysql database

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If you are upgrading to version 5.6.11 which is what I did, then all you have to do is write a few commands which I have at the bottom of this instruction step 7: Click start next to My SQL on the xampp control panel and it should start normally assuming to you followed to instructions properly.

Once done, you can uninstall the mysql package that you had installed to C:\TEMP.

Some configuration variables are no longer supported though it seems, so I simply commented them out and it seems to work..

Without experiencing any server downtime, how would you do it? While the BACKUP My SQL server is stopped, copy the tables (I assume . Start the BACKUP My SQL server and ensure the data has loaded correctly using scripts or CLI.

Ask any follow up question you're unsure of, as this is high risk data mashing stuff.

Perform (and note in detail) the exact steps required on a dev server if possible, or virtualize your test, or create a small scale test. And, of course, take enough backups to cover every data loss eventuality.

A straight "REPLACE" may not work, as rows in the live database may have changed, and their changed data will be overwritten by the To merge missing tables, do: Alternatively, a table in the backup database which does not exist in the "live" database can be binary copied into the live database directory.

Finally, handling deletions from the "live" database are difficult at best, especially since by the fact that you're merging that some data is missing for one reason or another.

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