Validating gst registration numbers

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Along these lines, to tackle with such issues you should validate the GSTIN of a new supplier every time to ensure proper GST Compliance.The GST Search, a 100% online module has the remedy and GST number verification is just a few taps on your smartphone and you’re fed with the details within few seconds.This solution takes client supplier data and passes it through the Canada Revenue Agency GST/HST Registry.The solution verifies the correct supplier name is being used; validates that the GST/HST number is active and in good standing; and confirms the GST/HST number is valid on the transaction date.Review these items from your business records to locate your BN.You can also review paper or electronic copies of your business tax returns.It is also critical to know, how a GSTIN is structured to spot any malpractices.

This is a genuine worry, as there can be scenarios where a person could claim ITC by creating bogus inward invoices.

In such a case, the supplier may create bogus inward invoices to adjust the amount of tax liability against no genuine supply of goods.

Henceforth, this may impact the interest of the customer or receiver and furthermore can also affect the government revenues without any doubt.

You can search GST Number on the website and let the authorities [Noida / Gurgaon] know of the any illegality by e-mailing them and also call them at [email protected] | 999 / 999.

Consumers must make efforts while paying any invoice to ensure that the GST number mentioned on the invoice exists at to ensure that their hard earned money goes to the right pockets when paying for a GST invoice.

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