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Tecent also negotiated to made sure Wechat app always stays in memory and can not be easily killed so push messages can be received, Be noted, because Google was fully stripped in all legit Android phones in China, there's no Google Play or GCM service, some other IM competitors are struggling to have basic message receiving capabilities.4. Little known fact is it got a Tecent Browser (X5) fully builtin, it's an outdated Chromium build and its behavior is kinda headache to debug compared to othe mobile browsers like Chrome or Mobile Safari, lots of customised JS bridges and restrictions.The evil part is that every link you view in wechat must renders exclusively in X5. if you open a youtube page, it renders in webview in wechat, if you have youtube app installed and wanna view the URL link in app, you have to click for the wechat menu, open the webpage in system browser, so your waste your data bandwidth for the second time and opens the exact webpage, and click "Open in App". Wechat blocks competitor URLs for obvious reasons, e.g.A freelance consultant can help your dating business increase its market share in an effective manner.

Hell no, I don't want and I don't need those features from Messenger, since we don't have blocked internet I can visit whatever website I want and use their services without state protectionism. I was impressed but now I'm kind of glad we don't have that kind of monopoly in the US.

In order to support Microsoft Exchange protocol, Zhang and his team reversed engineered it, this was later the foundation of Wechat's binary protocol design, in Zhang's words, it's magnitudes faster and robust than your XMPP copycat.

It's designed to work well in extremely poor signal coverage area with only GPRS 2G online access.2. Tencent put lots of effort striking deals with telecoms, ordinary IM startups might simply be blocked or Qo S'd to death.3.

You have to really know the ins and outs of it to know where to access some of the features.

We Chat actually feels very light and has a way better UI than Whats App and Facebook Chat - though they rather slowly now copy it from We Chat.

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