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Many professionals and small business owners rely on Burner to run their business, so we thought it would be interesting to showcase some of our most compelling customers, people who rely on Burner and our commitment to personal privacy to help run their day-to-day operations.

The first person we thought of was Marc Bourne, a cyber intelligence expert and licensed private investigator from the Know It All Intelligence Group.

We utilize some of the virtual phone numbers for what we call pre-texting, which is an investigative industry term that basically means that we hide our identity when we call places to obtain information.

So Burner really plays an important part in our everyday investigations.

Matt: So it protects you and it protects your clients. Matt: Are there cases where you have your clients set up a Burner number, too? In cases where people are looking for privacy, we have had a couple instances where some of our clients are adult webcam actresses and actors, and they want to keep their private life completely separate from their webcam life.

If you have a regular phone number from any one of the top cell carriers, I can usually find subscriber information in just a matter of minutes. Apps like Burner, it's virtually impossible to find subscriber information because of it being such a private app and using disposable phone numbers. Every time you go to a supermarket and apply for these reward cards, the first thing they ask you for is your phone number.

The next thing you're doing is getting all kinds of bulk commercial mail, advertisements, they're getting your email address—which, that's another story is they can grab that kind of information from your cell phone number.

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