White guy dating asian girl yahoo

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That’s just like when they say ‘yellow fever’ growing up, it wasn’t like all these white girls are going for Asian guys.It was the Asian girls going for white guys.” Lin concludes that things are changing.In a You Tube video posted last week, a well-known Asian-American trainer posed this question to Jeremy Lin during a Q-and-A at a gathering of Asian-American men and women.“Did you ever come across the stereotype Asian guys not being attractive, and if you have, how do you think we can break that in the American culture especially? Lin agreed with basic tenet of Kreider’s question, noting the bias he’s faced as an Asian-American male on the court and how that bias can even be seen in the Asian-American community.A generation of scholars have since sought to assess whether the increase in multiracial identification reflects real changes in the U. Using 2003-2010 data from one of the largest dating websites in the United States, we examined nearly 6.7 million initial messages sent between heterosexual women and men and assessed whether White, Asian, Black and Latino monoracial (those that identify with a single racial group) daters were less likely, equally likely, or more likely to respond to initial messages sent from Black-White, Asian-White and Latino-White multiracial daters compared to messages from their same-race in-groups.We find that multiracial daters are treated very differently than single race daters, and, in fact, are afforded a preference premium in online dating.While these findings echo the reality of persistent racial discrimination in U. dating and marriage markets, until now scholars have yet to address how the growing numbers of multiracial individuals navigate these complex dating hierarchies. Census marks the formal emergence of mark-more-than-one racial data collection practices – for the first time in U. history, individuals were able identify with more than one racial categorization.In new research, we find evidence for a “dividend effect” in online dating, where multiracial Asian-White, Black-White and Latino-White men and women are preferred above all other groups, including Whites. For many, this “right to choose” directly challenged a long U. history of federally assigning a minority identity to anyone of mixed racial parentage. Our research uses interactional data to test the social consequences of a White/minority multiracial status.

Or is this heightened status a result of this very dynamic?

Kreider, a Philadelphia native, says the discussion took place “right after the 76ers game.” The Nets last played in Philadelphia on April 4.

Lin responds by discussing how he was treated during the 2010 Draft when he and John Wall came up with similar scores in athleticism pre-draft, but Lin went undrafted and Wall was taken No. “Me and John [Wall] were the fastest people in the draft, but he was athletic and I was ‘deceptively’ athletic,” Lin said.

Kreider believes that the media has portrayed Asian and Asian-American men and women differently, that while women have been the victim of “oversexualization,” men are portrayed as “not sexy, not good-looking.” Instead, he argues, they have been stereotyped as “being good at math and science and making money.” Asian and Asian-American men “keep their head down,” Kreider added.

Here’s what Kreider posted on You Tube, including Lin’s answer...

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