White man beaten for dating black women

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More often than not, I can remember hearing our church mothers thanking God for anything good in our lives, from something as simple as paying bills on time to a family member recovering from an illness. [Read the full story] Sellers, Keynote Speaker at NETC’s Inaugural Convocation.

(Thy Black Man.com) Northeastern Technical College (NETC) held its inaugural convocation on August 27 at the NETC main campus in Cheraw. Kyle Wagner, NETC College President, welcomed students, employees, and guest to the ceremony and explained the occasion.

You say the Bible has been changed, altered and written... (Thy Black Man.com) So often in our community we give glory and praise to God and place blame on the devil for our actions but, when do we get held accountable? (Thy Black Man.com) Yet more killings have taken place in Texas. According to the Midland, Texas police, 5 people have been killed and 21 wounded on the highway, and at the Cinergy Movie Theater in Odessa.

Many Muslims slam Judaism and assault Christianity. [Read the full story] Hatred, Killings, And The Dubious Donald Trump.

(Thy Black Man.com) So you go to church on Sunday (or Saturday), sing the songs or hymns, hear the pastor preach, put money in the offering plate, hug a... Or even like an ex-Beatle under a steamroller – Biden is the Pete Best of American...

(Thy Black Man.com) So you go to church on Sunday (or Saturday), sing the songs or hymns, hear the pastor preach, put money in the offering plate, hug a... (Thy Black Man.com) Joe Biden leads the Democrat pack and he’s a catastrophe, meaning that we have to weigh the human kindness that compels us to seek to end his humiliation against the practical reality that this doddering establishment weirdo will get squashed by Donald Trump like a dung beetle under a steamroller.

I mean, sure they had that issue with the Galaxy Note 7 and its exploding batteries back in 2016. [Read the full story] From Player To Coach; Pay Your Coach!!

(Thy Black Man.com) When I first started in the Indianapolis broadcast market, I started off at minimum wage as a rewrite man and board operator.

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    The ones to whom the fashion designers market shamelessly.