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"I've heard that he thinks that I would be a great wife. Kordell has a net worth of 30 times more than that of Porsha’s, i.e., million.

Although, with little saving, Porsha dreams big of being a philanthropist and launching charity programs.

Days before giving birth to their daughter, on 10 March 2019, Porsha Williams and her husband-to-be Dennis Mc Kinley threw a baby shower And on 22nd March 2019, Porsha and her fiance Dennis welcomed their first child - a baby daughter named Pilar Jhena.

It was the reality star's sister, who broke the news to the public.

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The rumor mill suggesting the trouble in paradise between the two first began churning in May 2019.In a separate post, a makeup-less Porsha snuggled her daughter Pilar.She captioned the said Insta story by proclaiming:- The engaged duo, however, had discussed a potential pre-nuptial agreement before their wedding.Porsha and Todd were dating on screen from season 9, followed by a wedding.In 2017, she posted regarding on Instagram, which was followed by the rumor of Porsha dating her ex-boyfriend. Todd confirmed that his relationship with Porsha was only for the sake of the show.

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