Who us jennifer lopez dating

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More recently, in October 2016, the ex couple teamed up for a free pro-Hilary concert in Miami, we bet some Trump supporters went out to see that reunion.

See also: Miley Cyrus Height, Weight And Body Measurements Yes, people there are still more names on the Jennifer Lopez relationship list, so let’s get right to it; the stars longest relationship was actually with her high school sweetheart, evidently, puppy love got real.

This was more of a whirlwind romance than the others, because she just broke up with P Diddy in February 2011 and by September 2011, she exchanged vows with the dancer.

Their marriage did not last up to a year as they split up in June 2012.

Jenny was just 15 years old when she started dating David Cruz, in 1984.

She had not risen to stardom back then and she was a back up dancer, herself.

By November that same year, the two were engaged but sadly Ben did not make it on to the list of Jennifer Lopez husbands as their wedding was called off just hours before it was planned to begin.

Soon after in January 2003, Bennifer was laid to rest.

A source told us of the new power couple, “They have been seeing each other for a few months — and were together in LA this past weekend.” The insider added: “They are really into each other because they have so much in common — from their Latin roots, to their love of New York, and their kids.” Rodriguez, 41, was also reportedly recently backstage at one of J.

So let’s begin with those who made it on the list of Jennifer Lopez husbands.

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By 1994, the relationship had run its 10 year course.

She obviously still has quite fond memories of him because in 2004 she said, ‘ He’s a friend and he probably knows me better than anyone else.’Soon after the break up, in 1995, J.

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