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transmutes) are now consolidated into one event (may not work 100% for all locales).# Find results couldn't be linked anymore; this has been fixed.# Searching the inventory (/ar find inventory) grouped items by their name not their id; this has been fixed.# Equipment is now also included in searching the inventory (/ar find inventory).# Equipment has been added as a separate container in the inventory list view.==== v7.6.9 ====# Added missing include for Korean localization.# Bag names of the current character were used for all bags when viewing all characters in the inventory.# Under certain conditions the opening the achievement frame could result in an error; this has been fixed.# Calendar events have been added to the social module.# An option has been added to include tradeskill cooldowns in the events list.# An option has been added to get notifications of events that are about to become due.# The social module is now accessible through its own side tab instead of using the portrait icon.# Fixed "fully rested" summary tooltip text.# A mail icon will now be shown for characters with unread mail.# The summary sheet wasn't shown in some LDB display add-ons; this has been fixed.# A configuration option has been added to keep scanning paused while in an instance.# A message will be added to tooltip item counts to indicate that they may not be accurate because scanning is paused.# Shift-clicking reputation will now automatically open the chat text box if needed.# You can now shift-click XP in the summary sheet to copy a summary into the chat frame.# Fixed nil reference in damage tooltip.# Added support for long character lists in character selection dropdown.# Configuration panel can now also be accessed via Armory's icon context menu.# The ammo slot has been added to the paperdoll.# An option has been added to add gemming details to the item tooltip.# Because Blizzard added gear sets in tooltips in patch 3.3, the gear set tooltip option now only applies to items accessed in Armory.# The color setting has been removed from the gear set tooltip option (it now uses the same format as the standard line).# Comparison tooltips have been enabled for craftable equipment when visiting a vendor.# The last search type in the find frame is now preserved.# Equipped items are now included it tooltip counts and when searching the database for items using /ar find.# Added support for o Glow patch 3 alpha edition.# Applied some UI changes to resize tabs to fit for localization.==== v7.5.1 ====Note: Because of API changes your quests will be removed (login with your alts to force an update).# Comparison tooltips have been enabled for craftable equipment when visiting a trainer.# Added "known by" to linked recipe tooltips.# Under specific conditions a bag update could wipe the stored auctions; this has been fixed.# A tooltip has been added to the XP values in the summary sheet (including time needed to get fully rested).

Note: you'll need to login with an alt before this data is available.# Changing settings showed some erroneous behavior; this has been fixed.# Currency totals have been removed from the tooltip.# Added support for !

) equipment set could result in an error; this has been fixed.# Included updated German translations.==== v10.5.1 ====# Currency icons were not shown anymore in summary sheet; this has been fixed.# Added extra checks and clean-up to prevent an error to occur for unknown pet spells.# Enchanting recipe tooltip enhancement didn't work anymore; this has been fixed.==== v10.5.0 ====Note: The database will be upgraded.# Adjustments have been made for patch 5.2.0.# Glyphs could show up as learnable while they were already known; this has been fixed (needs ARMORY_BUZZ_WORDS translation for other languages).# Obsolete Get LFGDungeon Reward Cap Bar Info and related UI elements have been removed.# Valor point tooltip in summary now shows weekly maximum instead of the old Cataclysm related data.# Caged battle pets in inventory caused a tooltip error; this has been fixed.# Armory Guild Bank now handles caged pets properly (synchronization will be incompatible with older versions).# Fixed an issue with tooltip enhancement not updating correctly when switching between different link types.# Added workaround for Get Trade Skill Reagent Item Link returning nil in PTR.==== v10.4.3 ====# Hovering realm first achievement links caused an error; this has been fixed.==== v10.4.2 ====# "You are not in a raid" message appeared when in LFR; this has been fixed.# The selected stats in the paperdoll were reset after changing the selection; this has been fixed.# Player Score integration has been re-enabled.==== v10.4.1 ====# The achievement module could result in game freeze, FPS drop or 'script ran too long' error on some systems; this should have been fixed now.==== v10.4.0 ====# Tooltip module has been adapted to the new way tooltips are generated.

Most, if not all, tooltip enhancements should work again.# Events module now stores one consolidated event for Pandaria gem research.# Added a hack for tradeskill cooldowns because API still returns midnight when the cd is activated (but the correct time after a reload!

Sorry it took so long, but a lot of rewriting was involved.Default will be Tuesday.==== v12.0.1 ====# Something went wrong with talents for toons not at max level; this has been fixed.==== v12.0.0 ====# Adjustments have been made for patch 6.0.2.Note: The database has to be reset because Blizzard changed too much.==== v11.2.1 ====# Included updated Spanish translations.# A recipe was shown as learnable in case the recipe's name changes once learned; this has been fixed.==== v11.2.0 ====# Included updated German translations.# The summary now shows '0' if there is mail that doesn't expire.# Some weekly data wasn't correctly reset; this has been fixed.# Added quest log entries to the summary.# World bosses have been moved from quest log to raid info.# Raid module didn't include LFR anymore; this has been fixed (again).# Added raid info to the summary sheet.# If Armory is visible in the add-on list it will now be selected with /ar config.# Another attempt to get the trade skill cooldown hack right.# All currencies known to Armory can now be selected to be displayed in the summary sheet.==== v11.1.1 ====# In some special cases Armory was not able to determine which gems are socketed; this has been fixed.# Some items were erroneously considered to be non-equipable; this has been fixed.==== v11.1.0 ====# The hack for trade skill cooldowns didn't work if server and local time were different.# Connected realms are now treated as if they are one with the current realm.# A money total of 0 copper was not shown in the money tooltip; this has been fixed.# Sending mail between connected realms didn't update the inventory; this has been fixed.# The ability to open a profession directly from the summary sheet has been restored.# Added experimental tooltip feature to show who may benefit from a Timeless armor token (based on item level).# Blizzard fixed raid instance event so original code has been re-enabled.# Included updated French translations.==== v11.0.0 ====# Adjustments have been made for patch 5.4.0.# Explicitly disabled mouse support for message frame.# Removed arena teams because the data is no longer available.# PVP frame redesigned.# Trade skill links have been removed because they are not usable anymore.# Included updated Korean translations.==== v10.6.0 ====# Adjustments have been made for patch 5.3.0.# Viewing raid info resulted in an error; this has been fixed.# Removed obsolete top background in raid info.# Saving an (empty?The last completion (server) time will be recorded up to a maximum of one week.Note: Non-holiday battlegrounds will not be stored in case of a disconnect; this is a technical limitation.# Events have been added to the summary sheet.# Mail check on start-up is now delayed for 5 seconds.# Under certain circumstances an error could occur when instance data was updated; this has been fixed.==== v8.1.5 ====# Lookup didn't find matches anymore; this has been fixed.# Included updated German translations.==== v8.1.4 ====# Command line arguments included in quotes (e.g.

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