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If your parents are really conservative ask him not to touch you when they are around.Of course you should always avoid PDA around others for the most part anyway because it can really make people uncomfortable unless your friends are more easy going.Remind them that there are many different perspectives and ask them if they ever held a different perspective about life than they do now.Try not to stress about it too much and let them get to know him over time.Remember, if we are transitioning our careers, we wouldn’t want to be judged for how much or little money we had right?Try to listen to your parents and then think realistically if their points have any footing or if they are just trying to control your life.

Remember to take a step back and just try to look at things realistically to make sure your excitement about the relationship isn’t clouding your vision.

Sometimes my parents or close friends were able to see things I shouldn’t have overlooked.

If your parents are the type to put a lot of pressure on you to make money, chances are they will reject a guy who is still finding his way or just starting out.

Stay positive and be kind to everyone in this situation as you go through this process. We know this is not an ideal situation to be in however the silver lining is that you can grow to become a better person as you work to resolve this.

The more kindness and love you can bring to everyone in this situation by having compassion for their viewpoints, the more you will be able to understand how they are feeling and not feel angry towards your boyfriend or towards your parents.

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