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She played a killer who avenged a criminal authority for the death of her parents.

In summer 2010, Us Weekly journalists found out about the engagement of Zoe with her longtime boyfriend, the president of My Fashion Database Company and part-time actor Keith Britton.The second project was the science fiction James Cameron’s «Avatar», recognized as the most expensive movie in history.The protagonist, wheelchair-bound marine Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) got the opportunity to participate in a military experiment: to become an «avatar» to travel to the distant planet Pandora to ingratiate himself with the local Na'vi people and take away their valuable resources.Zoe Saldana played Princess Neytiri who fell in love with a stranger.Zoe Saldana's character was created with using computer graphics and innovative at that time technique «Motion Capture»: the actress was connected with the sensors that broadcasted the slightest movement of her body and facial expressions on a computer. Saldana had been training in the gym, learning to ride a horse and shoot with a bow, studying martial arts for a few months.

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